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Our team of legal professionals provide an outsourcing service to law firms, legal teams of multinational corporations and directly to small-medium sized businesses. Our team have access to AI systems that enable us to guarantee the benefits of significant cost reduction and time efficiencies. VI’s ability and expertise in creating customised solutions helps us deliver a unique service.

Our Services

We provide end to end eDiscovery solutions. Our proprietary artificial intelligence and eDiscovery technology coupled with our eDiscovery professional services experts, will provide you with the capabilities to rapidly identify, collect, search vast arrays of complex documents and data, and to manage content.

Our team also have experience of working on other review platforms such as Relativity, Attenex, Ringtail, Concordance, Case Central etc.

Our eDiscovery services include:

  • End to end eDiscovery solution
  • Coding, indexing and categorisation
  • Document review
  • Production of documents

We at Virtuous provide complete contract management solutions. Our AI and contract management technology coupled with our legal experts can draft, negotiate, review, track and store any type of contract. Upon execution of a contract, we assist our customers in performance management and compliance monitoring.

Our Contract Management services include:

  • Reviewing, editing, revising and drafting contracts
  • Abstract and renewal
  • Storage and central repository

Our team at Virtuous can assist in all stages of the IP lifecycle right from pre-application to prosecution to post issuance.

Our IP services include:

  • Drafting a patent
  • Patent searches
  • Patent due diligence investigations
  • Prosecution services
  • Patent and trademark docketing and filing
  • Proof reading a patent or trademark and other IP admin

Our legal professionals can support all back office operations whether it is conducting legal research or creating a document. Our team at Virtuous can review all documents, support the drafting process of all documents and facilitate the management of these documents.

Our Paralegal Support services include:

  • Document creation, review and management (memos, subpoenas and etc)
  • Deposition summaries
  • Legal research
  • Support services for all law fields
  • Other administrative tasks

Our specialist team have the knowledge and expertise to support the management of all documents and data.

We can adapt our approach to meet your needs. Depending upon the types of documents and data, we will deploy the most efficient strategy which meets timescales whilst still ensuring accuracy.

Why Virtuous?

Our Due Diligence Framework, Transition Methodology and Operation Principles ensure quick stabilisation of the processes and create opportunities for optimisation and transformation.

We work as a partner to our customers and help them achieve the following:

  • Substantial Cost Savings – Reducing costs by a minimum of 40%
  • Improve Quality
  • Ensure Accuracy
  • Increase Flexibility and capacity – we help increase the speed of your service and scalability which will allows you to expand your business
  • Higher security standards – We ensure there no breach of client’s confidentiality
  • Improve productivity and turnaround times
Our adaptive approach allows us to deliver more services if required. Our operating models are flexible so you can use as little as one of our services, or subscribe on and off to any of our enterprise offerings.

Our pricing models are as follows:

  • Hourly pricing
  • FTE model
  • Transaction based pricing
  • Project based pricing
  • Retainership discounts
  • Performance based pricing

Easy Transition

Our outcome based Due Diligence and Transition Methodology ensure success from Day 1

Due Diligence

  • Identifying the scope of engagement
  • Identifying resource requirements
  • Identifying technology & security requirements
  • Finalising and signing off on MSA and SOW
  • Proof on concept can be provided

  • Creating SOP’s and Process Maps
  • Setting up facilities and technology infrastructure
  • Hiring, training and accreditation
  • Finalising governance structure and escalation model
  • Finalising KPI’s and other performance metrics
  • Finalising report requirements and dashboards