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Virtuous Informatics Ltd is a technology enabled company that provides high-value solutions to the Legal Industry. Our vision is to provide differentiated but highly efficient technologies and specialist services to our global customer communities.

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We can significantly reduce your overhead costs as fewer resources would be needed to train and manage employees, we can guarantee a quick turnaround time through our extended working hours and we deliver a boutique reliable service whilst still ensuring a high level of accuracy.


We have a suite of software applications that can be beneficial for the Legal industry. In addition, we offer bespoke software engineering and software customisation. We have the expertise to build and maintain an infrastructure specific to your needs.

Our expert consulting team can help you to adopt best practices resulting in efficiency, productivity and value. Our team is highly experienced in project management and business transformations.

Process Automation

We have technologies and people expertise to increase efficiency through our automation processing. Our team can tailor an automated process to your needs for all documents and data.